How to write a Tweet that Converts

During one of the training I was giving in Dubai, the audiences were group of Social Media managers and content crafters, the session was about DR and conversions. I asked them when you share an article on social media, what’s your top priority objective from that post? Naturally, they said their objectives is that the article gets viewed by many people… well, yes, but, that’s your ultimate objective, not your top priority! Continue reading “How to write a Tweet that Converts”

8 ways brands can amplify their social video strategy with Twitter Videos

Online Videos are becoming very popular among social networks, it is now essential to have Social Video Strategy. There are actually complete social networks are based only on videos like Vine for example.

Previously i’ve talked about the effort Facebook & Twitter doing to compete with YouTube & how Mobile video on Smartphones drives high purchase intent as reported by eMarketer.


Why Brands should use Mobile Videos in their Twitter Social Video Strategy ?

90% of Twitter video views are on mobile
100% of twitter video views are engaged views
video on Twitter drives awareness, consideration & advocacy
+38% Lift in Brand Favorability
+100% More likely to visit a restaurant in the next week
+89% Increase in likelihood of recommending product
82% of twitter users watch video content on Twitter
Users on Twitter are 25% more likely to discover video first vs. the average consumer

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Promoted Trends for Logged Out Users

promoted trends for logged out users

It’s clear now Twitter is working massively on improving experience for logged out users. A very important updated for Promoted Trends globally and for Middle East was rolled out today.

The Update

Promoted Trends can now be viewed on both search page and profile page for logged out users. This update is launched globally to 100% of users.

What does this mean for brands? Continue reading “Promoted Trends for Logged Out Users”

Brands Winning unplanned moments : @Lotus_F1Team and @Burn

burn lotus

Billions of moments that matter week for formula 1 on twitter.  One of these moments that matters was when @Lotus_F1Team drivers “burnt” TWICE! and how these brands started “winning unplanned moments”

below are 5 interesting stats

1- During the 2014 weekends Formula one racers, teams and hashtags generated 21 million activity

2- The term #F1 alone had 6 million mentions. Continue reading “Brands Winning unplanned moments : @Lotus_F1Team and @Burn”

Drive traffic to Website with Twitter Website Cards

Drive traffic with twitter website cards

In my previous article All About Twitter Cards, I’ve made full introduction to what are Twitter Cards. In this article we will focus only on the type of articles that should be useful to your websites & business as well. The 1st Twitter card we think is most useful for websites is the Twitter Website Card


We’ve mentioned previously that  Tweets with images have x5 times engagement rate on twitter, but what if we’re not looking for tweet engagement  and looking basically for clicks, website traffic, or have a CPC campaign? then Twitter Website Cards is the best solution. Basically Website cards is a combination of a clickable image, description, title that all tied to a URL, all that can drive traffic to your website when clicked.

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All About Twitter Cards

All About Twitter Cards


Twitter Cards is the ability to add rich media to your tweets, videos, photos, products information website logos and even description about your pages/websites. Twitter cards will help you drive traffic to your website. In this article we will walk you through the benefits of each and everyone of them and how to add them to your website.


Before we start, you should know that there are TWO sets of types for cards, one that are free and will need to be configured from your website with HTML markups and META Tags, and the others are cards that can only be created from Twitter’s Advertising Dashboard which requires you to be an advertiser. If you’re looking to advertise on Twitter in The Middle East, you can contact Connect Ads

Without any further ado, lets have a look on the cards that can be created from the dashboard

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