Promoted Trends for Logged Out Users

It’s clear now Twitter is working massively on improving experience for logged out users. A very important updated for Promoted Trends globally and for Middle East was rolled out today.

The Update

Promoted Trends can now be viewed on both search page and profile page for logged out users. This update is launched globally to 100% of users.

What does this mean for brands?

It certainly means Brand’s Promoted Trends exposure is to be expanded to logged out audience. This audience accesses Twitter via Google search results, or via permalinks to Tweets embedded in other sites

@UberGeorgiou Senior Sales Manager – Twitter Singapore said and I quote

Early experiments indicate that advertisers can expect to see a 15% bump in daily impressions. This makes our Trend offering even more valuable than it is in MENA.

We were also told that incremental impressions on logged out are from the PTr module only (not timeline) and will come from desktop.

The Promoted Trend for logged out experience is consistent with the logged in experience. When the PTr is clicked, it would take the user to the Search Results page with a Promoted Tweet associated with the Promoted Trend being shown

Logged-Out Search (

promoted trends search

The update allow accessing of Profile Pages which means more profile views -and possible more follows- to brands.

Logged-Out Profile page

twitter profile views

What does this mean for Twitter?

With this update, and with Twitter & Google deal (Indexing tweets –Firehose access-) twitter should see huge improve in new signups…


More opportunities for Twitter to convert, and possibly monetize, logged-out users

-Said Doug Anmuth, an analyst at JPMorgan

Anthony Noto, Twitter’s chief financial officer, said at the company’s analyst meeting in November that it had been working to make tweets easier to find through search engines, and that negotiating with search providers could be a “unique opportunity” to distribute tweets to more people.

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