My job as a digital brand strategist, for many people, especially my close friends and family, is a bit of a blur! They never quite really understood what I really do, I mean, after all it’s social media, we post, like share stuff, or that’s what they said. Until recently I started doing some live video streaming on Periscope and Facebook Live, they started to get more interested and probably started to understand a bit what I do and what social media can do for them, beyond just liking stuff. Continue reading “STARTUPS COMPLETE GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING”

12 entrepreneurship facts Infographic


This is an infographic of a post made by Dharmesh Shah on LinkedIn today ( 12 Surprising Facts About Entrepreneurs ). The post is based on a report from the Kauffman foundation for entrepreneurship. The report is titled “The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur”. It’s based on a survey of 549 company founders across a variety of industries.

The post has great entrepreneurship facts, I’ve taken the post and converted it into an infographic, below are some of the report’s points

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