How Social Media Targeting can help Startups Secure a deal

As a startup founder you might be spending most of your time preparing to meet with decision makers of other companies trying to sell them your product or service. Part of the preparing can actually be showing off you services to the person you’re meeting next week for example.

Using refined ad strategy targeting on any of the below social media networks can help you prepare that person you’re meeting mentally for you. By seeing your ad on social media networks they use, can get them familiar with your startup, and that eventually help your startup secure a deal.


Although, Facebook targeting doesn’t provide keywords targeting, however, it can go into a very deep level, allowing you to target the company itself by it’s name as a keyword using the interest level targeting. If you start typing a brand’s name as interest or if you paste their website URL, you can use the company name as interest targeting. Same can be used if you’re a job seeker, you can target Job Titles, Interests or Employers


It goes without saying, that LinkedIn is the perfect solution for professional and business related targeting. In fact, LinkedIn allows you to target specific Job Titles & Job Seniority

Simply type in the job title or the job seniority, fine tune your targeting, and you can actually either send them LinkedIn InMail or display banners in addition of course to Sponsored Updates.


For Twitter, the trick is to target the followers of a certain account. here’s the scenario, you’re meeting with the owner of “The Barista Bar” Managing Director, by targeting the followers of their account, chances are that the MD will be one of their followers, in the below screenshot, I’ve limited the targeting to Country, Gender, Language and exact handle.

The important part is the “Add followers” section. Specifically targeting the followers of “The Barista Bar” @Baristabar handle.

Targeting @usernames allows you to reach users with interests similar to followers of any of those accounts. For example, enter @TwitterAds to target people likely to be interested in advertising on Twitter

Additionally you can use Tailored Audiences just like how I explained in my article 5 Simple hacks to improve your Twitter Advertising Strategy

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