My job as a digital brand strategist, for many people, especially my close friends and family, is a bit of a blur! They never quite really understood what I really do, I mean, after all it’s social media, we post, like share stuff, or that’s what they said. Until recently I started doing some live video streaming on Periscope and Facebook Live, they started to get more interested and probably started to understand a bit what I do and what social media can do for them, beyond just liking stuff. Continue reading “STARTUPS COMPLETE GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING”

4 Social Strategies to gain on your competition

With every meeting i have with either an advertising agency or direct clients, this question pops up “How do we win over our competition?”. It’s no secret that the competition is getting tougher by the minute, weather you’re a telecom company, car dealer or even a food blogger. To be honest, there is no one straight answer for this question, but, as a digital marketer, I’ve recently been trying to come up with ways and strategies to help brands (especially those who are late in the game) to find unusual ways to win over their competition in the advertising / audiences reach area. Continue reading “4 Social Strategies to gain on your competition”

How to write a Tweet that Converts

During one of the training I was giving in Dubai, the audiences were group of Social Media managers and content crafters, the session was about DR and conversions. I asked them when you share an article on social media, what’s your top priority objective from that post? Naturally, they said their objectives is that the article gets viewed by many people… well, yes, but, that’s your ultimate objective, not your top priority! Continue reading “How to write a Tweet that Converts”