How Social Media helps Small Businesses – Infographic

In an attempt to acquire more customers, Huxo team got together a great infographic about how social media helps small businesses, Dan from Huxo posted the infographic in Q3 2013, the data IMO might seem a bit old,  knowing that social media statistics changes pretty fast, although; the data can’t be that off.


The sheet included 25+ statistics about social media

73% of small businesses using social media

24% of small businesses integrated Social Media in a structured way into their business

Facebook is the leading among all social networks with 82%, followed by YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn

86% of social referrals comes from Facebook, %11 from Twitter and 3% from Pinterest.

71% of customers purchase products from brands they follow on social media

46% of customers counts on information they find on Social Media before making a purchase decision





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