Drive traffic to Website with Twitter Website Cards

In my previous article All About Twitter Cards, I’ve made full introduction to what are Twitter Cards. In this article we will focus only on the type of articles that should be useful to your websites & business as well. The 1st Twitter card we think is most useful for websites is the Twitter Website Card


We’ve mentioned previously that  Tweets with images have x5 times engagement rate on twitter, but what if we’re not looking for tweet engagement  and looking basically for clicks, website traffic, or have a CPC campaign? then Twitter Website Cards is the best solution. Basically Website cards is a combination of a clickable image, description, title that all tied to a URL, all that can drive traffic to your website when clicked.

With that being said, website cards can easily replace the normal boring links, with a cool looking cards that are expected to return 3 x times more engagement than normal links.


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twitter website cards


Twitter Website Cards Specification:

– Website image: Max image size is 1 MB with minimum width is 240px & minimum height is 96px, At least 5:2 aspect ratio

– Website title (Headline) : 70 characters

– Call-to-action: per-defined actions – dropdown (read more, view now, shop now, learn more, book now)


Example CPC campaign on Twitter:

Lets say we have a retail website that want to generate traffic on a certain landing page, normally if they added a photo card, most of the engagement will be made by clicking on the photo, which means more cost on the advertiser (the retail website), yet not effective. while if they promoted a website card  (which includes a photo) that redirects to the landing page, the campaign will be cost effective.

Twitter Website cards is one of the many benefits you get as an advertiser on Twitter, and the best part is twitter conversion tracking, which I will be covering in a separate post later on. quickly though, Conversion tracking allows you to measure Off-Twitter conversion, actions happening on your website, and simply tie them back with your adspend.

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