How to write a Tweet that Converts

During one of the training I was giving in Dubai, the audiences were group of Social Media managers and content crafters, the session was about DR and conversions. I asked them when you share an article on social media, what’s your top priority objective from that post? Naturally, they said their objectives is that the article gets viewed by many people… well, yes, but, that’s your ultimate objective, not your top priority! Continue reading “How to write a Tweet that Converts”

How Twitter Can Win Users from Facebook

First and foremost; Twitter is NOT in competition with Facebook, not at all! Both are totally different networks with different type of users. This is something I know for a fact. But that doesn’t mean that a lot of Facebook users wouldn’t join Twitter, as a matter of fact, I see great chance for Twitter to convert users from Facebook using the strategies below. Continue reading “How Twitter Can Win Users from Facebook”