8 ways brands can amplify their social video strategy with Twitter Videos

Online Videos are becoming very popular among social networks, it is now essential to have Social Video Strategy. There are actually complete social networks are based only on videos like Vine for example.

Previously i’ve talked about the effort Facebook & Twitter doing to compete with YouTube & how Mobile video on Smartphones drives high purchase intent as reported by eMarketer.


Why Brands should use Mobile Videos in their Twitter Social Video Strategy ?

90% of Twitter video views are on mobile
100% of twitter video views are engaged views
video on Twitter drives awareness, consideration & advocacy
+38% Lift in Brand Favorability
+100% More likely to visit a restaurant in the next week
+89% Increase in likelihood of recommending product
82% of twitter users watch video content on Twitter
Users on Twitter are 25% more likely to discover video first vs. the average consumer

Twitter Video Products

Twitter have been doing great job with video products lately, click here to see in-details Twitter’s effort to join the competition on Online Video Shares


Mobile upload

Capture, edit and share 30 seconds video within the Twitter app on a mobile device. Best for self-expression on-the-fly.



Capture, edit and share 6-second looping videos from the Vine mobile app. Best for creating short and simple videos in a fun format.


Twitter Video Cards

Allows “Advertisers-only” to upload and share 10 minutes maximum video to Twitter via ads.twitter.com. Best for professionally produced content that’s ready to be shared with followers and beyond via Promoted Tweets.



Clip and share live video content to Twitter as it happens, using a cloud-based ‘DVR.’ Best for creating professionally producing content in real-time. (Twitter Amplify Program)



How Brands Can use Twitter Videos in Their Social Video Strategy?

I will try to list 9 ideas for brands to use Twitter Video (click to go to section)

  1. Product Launch Strategy Example
  2. Product Education
  3. Storytelling
  4. User Generated Content and Contests
  5. Start a Hashtag
  6. Live Events
  7. Aligned with TV commercials
  8. Partnership with big moments


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Product Launch

Brands releasing new products often have to consider 3 steps:

Pre-launch, Launch, & Post-launch

The 1st step is where brands create the buzz prior to the day of the launch itself.

The 2nd step is where brands Announce the launch, include a strong call to action and share media

The 3rd step is where you brands actually start seeing their ROI


Lets see how @Samsung Mastered these 3 steps


Prior to the lanch days, Samsung started the conversation about their to-be-launched product, through an inspiring video of their mobile phone

The Launch

On the day of the launch they posted a video of their new product to leverage the conversation and visually let users know about the launched product


After the launch they posted a link to their e-Store with photos of the launch

Or using Twitter Website Card to drive more traffic to their e-Store


Launching a product soon?

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Using Twitter Videos Product Education

Let users know more about you products, a study showed that 34% of your followers want to know more information about your products, as mentioned earlier 25% of Twitter users see videos 1st on twitter. Using videographics, brands can simply educate users about their products in a simple and fun way. This is perfect for Governmental accounts, have a look on what eMorror (Saudi Arabia Gov. account for Traffic

They needed a simple, fun way to educate Twitter Users about what one should do if they had an accident and what are the insurance process one should take to reduce the traffic jam by simply taking a photo of the accident and sending it to the gov’s email – after taking the photo you can now move you’re car without having to wait for the police to arrive. that would dramatically reduce the traffic caused by accidents

The tweet was promoted using Twitter Video Cards to reach more than just the account followers

Videographics does not only work for Governmental account, it’s also great for Brands, see Twitter’s video


[php] echo ‘<a href=”http://amged.me/social-media-videos-twitter-facebook-youtube-competition/#videocards” title=”6 Differences Between Twitter Video Cards & Player Cards” data-tooltip=”6 Difference Between Twitter Video Cards & Player Cards” class=”btn btn-block btn-primary btn-lg”><span class=”glyphicon glyphicon-link” aria-hidden=”true”></span> 6 Main Differences Between Twitter Video Cards & Player Cards</a>’;[/php]

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Brand’s Storytelling

Everyone like to hear good stories and Twitter is the place to tell stories. Brands can tell sensational stories and bring it to life using Twitter videos. With Twitter Promoted Video, brand have 10 full minutes to tell their stories

Brands can also tell “short” stories, using Mobile Native Video Recording & Uploading, here’s my very own example of telling a quick story

or by using Vine’s 6 looping seconds


Recently, Twitter introduced “slow motion” for iOS users. Twitter also now supporting looping HD playback on Vine. Like this slow motion feature for Twitter, Vine’s HD upload  hasn’t arrived for Android yet.


See here how to post a video on Twitter

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Using Twitter Videos to Generated User Content and in Contests

Native Video Recording and Uploads is available for brands and users alike. Brands can use this to unleash users’ creativity and contribution to leverage conversation, awareness and engagement with their products. Take a look on what @GoPro did

GoPro ran many contests that would ask their users to create videos and submit these videos on GoPro’s Submit Page. Users later get to vote for the best videos or GoPro to pick Video of the Day, which is entirely created by GoPro’s users

Here’s an example of a Video that was shot by GoPro user and was picked and uploaded to Twitter by GoPro team


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Using Twitter Videos to Start a Hashtag

When you see it, you believe it. With Videos; brands can really deleiver a message that can directly affect anyone watching it. that’s exactly what @Dove’s deal with Twitter did.

Dove + Twitter partnered together and created a remarkable campaign to try to make social media a positive place.

here’s some sad facts that Dove & Twitter tried to change with their #SpeakBeautiful campaign


speakbeautiful statistics

The Video of the campaign was really touching and as i mentioned before, directly affected everyone who saw it.


The hashtag exposure in one month reached +380m users

#speakbeautiful exposure in one month


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Live Events Example on Twitter

Twitter is all about live-feeds and live moments. There are BILLIONS of Video Views on Twitter

Capturing them never been easier with Twitter Native Videos

But that doesn’t stop there, Twitter also acquired SnappyTv  a really amazing tool for “Live Editing” Videos.


Using SnappyTV LIVECUT, their cloud DVR editor, brands will have the tools to clip and share live video content as it happens.

  • Create highlight clips, GIFs, and images from live TV, events and web streams
  • Edit in the cloud, accessible anywhere
  • Publish instantly to social networks and mobile devices
  • Integrate with video platforms such as Brightcove, Ooyala, Kaltura, and thePlatform



Brands can also broadcast live events using Periscope that was recently introduced by Twitter


Periscope allows recording of live broadcasting, which advertisers can later on upload to Twitter via Twitter Video Cards available on Twitter Dashboard



Once again, hiring the right talent can boost your video content greatly, either for live ends or products launch


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Aligned with TV commercials

Twitter is a bridge, not an island. They recognize that more than ever before, brands are running integrated marketing campaigns across different channels. data shows that brands other marketing activities work better when you integrate Twitter.

95% of online public conversation about live TV shows takes place on Twitter

Take a look at what TOSHIBA did with Pretty Little Lairs Show

for 5 seconds, their short video was played before the actual video began

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Sponsorship of Big Moments

Brands certainly would want to consider Twitter Videos in any sponsorship they do for Big Moments & Events like Oscars, World Cup, Formula 1, MotoGP etc..

Official @MotoGP Account mentioned @BridgestoneTyre


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Where Can brands find creative talents?

Finally, creating creative video. A lot of brands may or may not have the talents to help them create creative videos or sensational stories. Twitter actually covered this as well. Again, a new great acquisition by twitter happened recently, Twitter acquired Niche

With 9,950 creators; Niches becomes the leading network for social media creators.

Brands can surely reach out for these creators and get them to help them with their creative content

Here’s one of the talents hired by HP to create these amazing videos



Here’s my Niche Account



Video Content are an amazing way to get audiences to engage with you brand, I hope I covered enough example to get you started with Twitter Videos


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