How to write a Tweet that Converts

During one of the training I was giving in Dubai, the audiences were group of Social Media managers and content crafters, the session was about DR and conversions. I asked them when you share an article on social media, what’s your top priority objective from that post? Naturally, they said their objectives is that the article gets viewed by many people… well, yes, but, that’s your ultimate objective, not your top priority!

So, what’s your top priority?

Your top priority to get people to actually “click” that link, it’s not because you wrote an article on your blog, people will see it! No, first, they have to click the link you share within your tweet or Facebook post!

Maher Dosoqi’s article by numbers, +100k views in 3 days (at the time the screenshot was taken) + 900 likes on LinkedIn, 71 rts, 110 likes on Twitter

a 7 days old screenshot during the time of writing this article, it now exceeded this number

Right, so why did people click Maher’s link? I mean, it’s just any other link, shorten by Google, yes, but still just a link! Right?

Wrong! People clicked that link because:

  1. They couldn’t resist finding more about such a beautiful picture

Posts with photos, perform 5x better when compared to standard text posts, imagine how more will the brilliantly taken photo above will perform!

2. Brilliant, brilliant title! Just look at these keywords “learn”, “lessons”, “PR” and finally “CRISIS”!! It’s just beyond intriguing .

3. Perfectly timed. A plane crash -an already breaking news- that happened just a few hours ago and you as a human-being get to learn from it! Wow

4. It’s kind of niche, well yes, it’s about DIGITAL PR, right? Again, wrong! It’s about:

  • Emirates — a leading global airline, which picked the interest of many people around the globe
  • It’s in Dubai, basically where Maher and his circle lives. That was the spark that led to so many views, Dubai is a hub for many nationalities, not only that, Dubai is a city, it’s not an interest, it’s not a job, it’s not a small community! Doctors, engineers, Social Media manager, PR people, moms, dads, they all share Dubai, the article basically picked the interest of everyone living in Dubai! And that gave it a HUGE exposure.

5. Maher didn’t just share the article, he also made sure to mention and tag those he knew would be interested and will certainly retweet/share the article for their followers. That led to one important fact, the moment the article was shared, it had the potential of reaching 68 thousand people on Twitter only (total followers of the people tagged to the photo), in addition to Maher’s followers himself!

(I’m the second one mentioned — Maher emoji unicode: 1f37b)

6. Where was the article written, played a great role in keeping the views rollin’! Maher’s LinkedIn profile! A clean, professional, readable publishing platform, stuffed with marketers (hence the hashtag) as well as, again, people living in Dubai emoji unicode: 1f605! The share button was used and abused (not to mention the Like button)

7. Have you read the article yet? It’s a masterpiece! A very well written article — straight to the point, listified, has visuals, and truly amazing lessons to be learn from Emirates as a leading brand.

8. No, it didn’t end there, as soon as the article picked up, Maher re-shared it on other social networks, basically Facebook, and he let us know that the article is picking up and thanked us for sharing it, which led into more shares emoji unicode: 1f605emoji unicode: 1f605emoji unicode: 1f44c! (I personally re-retweeted it again)

How to Write a Tweet that Converts in 8 points Conclusion

  1. Choose irresistible featured photo
  2. Spend time selecting thinking your article title
  3. Try to perfect your timing
  4. Link your niche market with wider markets for greater exposure
  5. Mention your friends
  6. Select your publishing platform carefully (wish I can do this, posting in Medium, though I have only 200 followers — see how loyal I’m Medium )
  7. Write content worth sharing
  8. It’s okay to reshare your posts with a bit of recap.

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