5 Hacks Can Improve Your Twitter Advertising Strategy

Twitter is the most dynamic, live and conversational social media platform, we’ve prepared 5 more ways to get your even better results when running a campaign on Twitter.

Using Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists are great way to keep up of tweets from people who are related to your brand or topics. List can be either created or subscribed to, meaning, you can create your own list and add members one by one, or you can simply find a list already created by users. For example, I’m subscribed to this list that is created by Henryk Lüderitz. Another great way to create lists and add members who are interested in a topic related to you is using IFTTT to automate the process, IFTTT recipes can automatically add users who mentions certain hashtags to your list, making the process very easy and simple.

But you probably already know this, how is that going to help in your Twitter Advertising strategy? Luckily for us, Twitter API allow of accessing publicly created list, that made it easy for many tools to “download/export” members of these lists. Once you have these list of members, you can upload them to Twitter Ads Dashboard and target these users using Twitter Tailored Audiences.

How to Create Twitter Tailored Audiences?

Now that you exported the members of your list, it’s time to start targeting these users, as we mentioned, these users are already people talking and engaging around a related topic to your brand.

To get started, head over to ads.twitter.com > Tool > Audience Manager, then click on Create New Audiences > Upload your own list

Once there, fill in the Audiences name, then select Twitter usernames, then upload your CSV or text file you exported.

Create List audiences and wait for Twitter to process them.

Once ready, you now have your tailored audiences that can be used to include or Exclude from your targeted campaigns.

Your Mentions

Mentions is typically how users communicate with your brands on Twitter, which means they are users showing interest in your brand one way or another. But, users can mention your brand without being an actual follower of your account, when running campaigns on Twitter, you might actually receive mentions through your earned media/tweets, making it difficult to retarget those users who mentioned your brand! What if I told you that you can actually save the list of users who mentioned you into a sheet? This recipe allows you to save the username of everyone mentions your account into a google sheet, which later on you can use the similar way as above and upload to twitter dashboard then use the list with tailored audiences and target these users.

Using Competitor’s Hashtags Against Them

Every brand has a competition, and that competition often run their very own hashtags for certain campaigns, or maybe for their always on strategy, I’ve created this recipe to add any user who tweeted about certain hashtag into a Google sheet, meaning, you can use this recipe to collect usernames of users who tweeted about your competition’s hashtag.

For example, I ran this recipe on a trending hashtag and instantly got hundreds of users collected into my sheet, ready to be targeted.

The 1st column is their username, which I later on exported into text file and uploaded it to Twitter Audiences Manager for targeting, using the similar way as above.

Track a Hashtag for Social Listening and Contests

This one is similar to the above point, but to track your very own hashtag. Again, using the same recipe I created, you can track your own hashtag, and save all tweets made mentioning that hashtag into Google Sheet, why?

1- You will have list of users who engaged with that hashtag, which again, you can later on target with tailored messages

2- You will have count of Tweets that were made using your hashtag (Hashtag Volume)

3- For contest purpose (if you had to pick a winner) you can simply select a winner emoji unicode: 1f600

4- Completely divided audiences by hashtag

Emoji Targeting emoji unicode: 1f44f emoji unicode: 1f389

One feature that Twitter introduced this year, but probably didn’t receive the buzz it should, was the ability to actually target emojis using Keyword Targeting — This update allowed many brands who actually have an emoji represents their business to target audiences emojing their tweets out or engaging with these emojis using Twitter Official Partners: AdParlor, Amobee, HYFN, Perion, SocialCode, and 4C.


As explained, Twitter is dynamic, the possibilities are endless, focusing on “Twitter Tailored Audiences” can get your brand amazing results, use IFTTT to help you automate your twitter advertising strategy.

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