Brands Winning unplanned moments : @Lotus_F1Team and @Burn

tl;dr see how big brands win unplanned for moments or events and turn it to their advantage

Billions of moments that matter week for formula 1 on twitter.  One of these moments that matters was when @Lotus_F1Team drivers “burnt” TWICE! and how these brands started “winning unplanned moments”

below are 5 interesting stats

1- During the 2014 weekends Formula one racers, teams and hashtags generated 21 million activity

2- The term #F1 alone had 6 million mentions.

3- There are 21/22 drivers on twitter

4- Drivers has 9.3 million followers

5- 65% of mentions in ’13 of twitter users say Twitter makes live events more exciting.

We’ve talked before on how it is important for brands to plan their content calendar in my 10 Marketing Predictions for 2015 , but whats even more important is to be always ready to win an unplanned moment or event, during this article we will see how the two big brands were able to win an unplanned for moment and turn it to their advantage.

The 1st was during the Brazilian Grand Prix, when @burn (which is one of Lotus official partners) made a joke stating they had nothing to do with @RGrosean car’s parks heavily smoking

And the second time was during the finale at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, again @burn used the opportunity and made an obvious joke about the on-fire Lotus

and it also was when @Lotus_F1Team twitter account made the below tweet acknowledging their partner @burn

That tweet generated
Retweets 5,148
Favorites 3,255

Which was a great exposure for both brands and perfect example of how to use moments that matters to your advantage. Even though, those moments may mean you’re “out of the race”!

Very well done from both brands and a huge thank you for Lotus team who took it with a smile 🙂

would love to hear your thoughts, please share them if you have any.

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