Best Time To Tweet — How to Find Times that Works for You

I can’t tell you when exactly is the best time to tweet for YOUR account.

I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it!

To how to actually find out the best time of the day for you to tweet, we’re going to use the most important 2 metrics (Impressions & Engagements) from past data of tweets we posted during certain period of time, and use this data as a sample.

  • Impressions (how many views did our tweets get)
  • Engagements (how many engagements did our tweets get — engagements by definition on twitter means clicks, retweets, replies, likes, media expanding. Basically, any click on any area of the tweet!)

How to find tweet impressions and engagements for Free

Head over to your Twitter Analytics Dashboard, Twitter recently made it public for everyone in 200 countries!

You don’t really have to advertise — we simply need the data

Now export the last 28 days (or change the time period as you wish) we simply need a sample of your tweets!

Once it’s exported you will now have raw CSV data

clear all columns and leave only time and impressions and engagement

Once you have these 3 columns ready, go to this Google Sheets file I created for you guys to use and simply paste the 3 columns

The sheet has many interactive workbooks, we only need to edit the “RAW DATA” sheet

Simply copy the time row, impressions row and engagement row from the Twitter Data CSV you just downloaded and the other sheets will automatically be updated showing that type of Charts

Best Time to Tweet from Engagement and Impressions

The above figure shows that the best time I get a lot of impressions is 10 AM and 7PM (19)

And the best time I receive engagement is also 10AM

Please note that the above chart is a sample data for the past 28 days only! Again, you can simply change the date range before you export your data from Twitter Dashboard

For me this is enough to tell me when my audiences are online and when do they see and engage with my tweets!

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