World Cup Twitter statistics Saudi Arabia – Infographic

Less than a week for the greatest sports event of the year, World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

80% will be watching the World Cup from Home, and since 95% of the online public conversation about live TV takes place on Twitter,one can safely say that Twitter customers using the newly introduced TV Conversation Targeting will be more than satisfied with their campaign results. Based on this report, 61% of Twitter football lovers say that football news breaks faster on Twitter than anywhere else. if brands where able to use the moment properly, joined the conversation in-time and built upon their TV strategy with TV targeting, they will see great deal of ROI or great decrease of their CPA

In any case, going back to the topic, this infographic shows really interesting data about the World cup Twitter statistics Saudi Arabia region


Twitter users are big football fans

75% of Twitter users will be watching live football this summer

78% will be watching live matches on TV

Football is a social event for Twitter users

80% attend it from home
42% in a bar or coffee shop
72% with friends
26$ with their partner

77% of Saudi Arabian users use Twitter for something football related

30 of Twitter users follow football clubs on Twitter

61% of Twitter football lovers say that football news breaks faster on Twitter than anywhere else

match day Twitter usage:

on match day daytime 57% read Tweets

On pre-match build up 61% read Tweets from others

When team score 49% Tweet a goal

After the game 62% Tweet post-match

Enough with the talking, enjoy the infographic and let me know where will you be attending the World cup?


twitter statistics saudi arabia

Source: GlobalWebIndex Twitter User Football Research 2014 is a survey conducted among 500 active Twitter users in Saudi Arabia



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