What are Google Magazine ad unite

What are Google Magazine ad unites and how do they look like

In short; Magazine style ads are “text ads” that renders as a “display-like” ad formats.

Magazine style ads are reported as text ads in the Ad types report. When a text ad wins an auction for an image-only ad unit, Google renders the ad in the magazine style format. this will help the publisher make more revenue as adding text advertisers to the auction will increase CPCs and publisher revenues on display ads.

Magazine style ads are only applied to ad units that are opted in to “display ads only”, and not to ad units opted in to “text and display ads”.

How does Google AdSense “Magazine” ad look like:

magazine ads look


Ad size that Magazine style will never show on:

  • 120×240
  • 125×125
  • 180×150
  • 234×60
  • 320×50


Magazine style ads will work for most custom ad unites, except for the ones that have the same sizes as the ones mentioned above.


source: Google AdSense Support


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