Social Networks Logos Guide (New Google Logo 2015). Infographics, you’re doing it WRONG!

If you’re in – or hoping to be- in Social Media Infographics business/blogging, then by all means you need to stay up-to-date with the latest updates made by those Social platforms, especially when they update their identity/design/logos. Using an outdated / wrong / low quality logos is your 1st step to failure. It is not acceptable by the brands that you violate their guidelines and certainly does not leave the best impression in your reader’s minds.

The reason I’m writing this article is seeing so many good data being placed on a bad design in an infographic.

Through this article will try to summarize guidelines / logo updates of the major Social Networks, what to use and whats not to use. Continue reading “Social Networks Logos Guide (New Google Logo 2015). Infographics, you’re doing it WRONG!”

Twitter Google Deal 2015: Free SEO for Brands

Twitter & Google 2015 Deal: Free SEO for Brands

It was reported that Twitter Google deal was announced, they agreed to work together once again. Twitter had agreed to provide Google with access to Firehose data, allowing Google to index statuses from Twitter. Previously in 2009, Google had used Twitter Firehose as the core of a new service called Google Real Time Search which was later killed couple of days after Twitter turned off The Firehose.

No one knows why the plug was pulled on the deal , maybe Twitter saw Google+ as a threat?

November 2014 Twitter’s CFO Anthony Noto suggested that Twitter would do more to generate search engine optimization traffic, free traffic from Google and other search engines. Twitter also made a deal with Flipboard and Yahoo! Japan. Continue reading “Twitter Google Deal 2015: Free SEO for Brands”

What are Google Magazine ad unite


What are Google Magazine ad unites and how do they look like

In short; Magazine style ads are “text ads” that renders as a “display-like” ad formats.

Magazine style ads are reported as text ads in the Ad types report. When a text ad wins an auction for an image-only ad unit, Google renders the ad in the magazine style format. this will help the publisher make more revenue as adding text advertisers to the auction will increase CPCs and publisher revenues on display ads.

Magazine style ads are only applied to ad units that are opted in to “display ads only”, and not to ad units opted in to “text and display ads”.

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