Creating Ideal Twitter Image With PowerPoint

Once again, another article about Social Media Images. I’ve talked previously about the importance of Creating Ideal Social Media Images and actually created a Free PSD template for all Social Media Image Sizes, this time I will focus only on Creating Ideal Twitter Image With PowerPoint

In previous articles I’ve mentioned that the guys from @Buffer recommended that the ideal Twitter image size is 1024×512 – which is 2:1 ratio

So I took my time trying to get PowerPoint correct inches size in Pixels! as you may know, PowerPoint only works with either Centimeters or Inches, so converting those to Pixels wasn’t fun 😀

Anyways, I found out that 10.662 inches is exactly 1024 px & 5.33 inches is 512px

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And the end result was great!

These 2 cool tweets were created in Microsoft’s PowerPoint


&and this one

Icons used in both tweets can be found in

Font is Lato

Here’s the PowerPoint Template


echo ‘<a href=”” class=”btn btn-block btn-lg btn-default text-uppercase”>Download PowerPoint Template</a>’;[/php]


Go create something beautiful! 🙂

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