How To Get Started on Social Media for Brands [Presentation]

tl;dr 12 Steps to Success on Social Media

Social Media for Brands

“Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources”

Sean Gardner

I decided to make this presentation because @AmiraIdlbi (my wife) recently started her own blog. That encouraged me to finally put together presentation to how to get started on social media for brands. A handful of 12 points + bonus that would ensure brands’ success – and even individuals.

The presentation also includes great social media quotes that you can find at the end of this post in the Transcript area.

12 key-points brands should follow to ensure their success on social media

  1. Select the Social Network that suites your business best
  2. Creating  Perfect Social Media Profile
  3. Writing Engaging Bio
  4. Create a Brand Persona
  5. Visual content & Media tools
  6. Understanding Hashtags and Joining the conversation
  7. How Often should a brand share content
  8. Choosing the right time
  9. Understanding the language
  10. Tracking everything
  11. Promoting of content
  12. Automation

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1. “Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources” – Sean Gardner Social Media for Brands
2. key-points to ensure your success on social media12 1. Select the Social Network that suites your business best 2. Creating Perfect Social Media Profile 3. Writing Engaging Bio 4. Create a Brand Persona 5. Visual content & Media tools 6. Understanding Hashtags and Joining the conversation 7. How Often should a brand share content 8. Choosing the right time 9. Understanding the language 10.Tracking everything 11.Promoting of content 12.Automation* bonus * @Amged
3. Storytelling Live events Image based Professionals Popular among Women Popular among MenEffective- ness Which Social Network suites your business best 01 @Amged
4. Creating Perfect Social Media Profile02 Engaging Bio Include one or two keywords or hashtags URL & Location URLs great for adding context, location is great for getting found via search and geographic tools Profile Picture & Cover Photo Upload high-quality profile images & Cover Write something Never leave your profile empty, write at least 10 posts @Amged
5. “Your online reputation is your reputation. And it better be good.” – Neil Patel writing engaging bio…
6. Writing Engaging Bio 03 A perfect bio should: Appear professional, with just a touch of “personal” not be predictable or boring Include no more than 3 niche descriptor or keywords Include at least one accomplishment. Include professional description of what you or your company do. @Amged
7. “It’s essential for a brand to have a clear idea of their voice to ensure it’s consistent.” Brand’s tone of voice
8. Create a Brand Persona 04 Creating a consistent, engaging voice is often the most difficult aspect of a brand’s content strategy. What’s your brand’s point-of-view? Are you an expert? A peer? If your audience was in the same room as the brand, would you be at a podium or sitting next to them? What’s your brand’s personality? – Taco Bell is funny – Dove is inspirational – XeroxCorp is expert Humanize your content Social Media is conversational. Cutting and pasting will not work. Neither will using corporate (robot) speak. Read your posts out loud. Do they sound like something an everyday person might say? Content pillars identify 3-5 topics your brand will regularly speak about. @Amged
9. “Our focus has shifted from Social Media to VISUAL Social Media. We are drawn to “visual content” online in more ways than ever before.” – Donna Moritz (Visual Social Media Strategist) visual content…
10. Visual content & Using the right Media & Media tools05.1 Photos average a 35% boost in shares Videos get a 28% boost & Growing 8 ways a brand can use Videos with their Social Media Strategies How To Create Amazing Images for Social Media and Blog @Amged
11. Visual content & Using the right Media & Media tools05.2 – Most shared type of photos High Quality Stock images Screenshots Infographics Personal photographs Behind the scenes shots Quote graphics SOURCE Original designs What reflect the essence of your brand Action shots Images with a striking color palette @Amged
12. Visual content – How to create images for Social Media05.3 – Tools (Images are clickable) Pablo by Buffer Canva Giphy & Recordit Photoshop SOURCE Greenshot PowerPoint Snag it Social Media images resizer @Amged
13. “As ridiculous as hashtags might seem to marketing veterans who remember a time before Twitter and Facebook, the younger generation and potential customers/clients don’t. To them, using hashtags is as natural and common as typing their query into the search box.” – Steve Cooper Hashtags & #JoinTheConversation
14. Hashtags and Joining the conversation06.1 Started By Twitter Began with Twitter in 2007 but has extended to other social media platforms. Supported Platforms Allowed Characters – Only A-Z, a-z, _ & numbers are allowed – Spaces too are not allowed – Case insensitive (Use CamelCase to make your hashtag standout) # @Amged
15. Hashtags – How brands can use them 06.2 Seek Business-Specific Conversations Use it to learn from others or to listen to your targeted audiences (#SocialListining) Organizing Social Dashboards Generating buzz Start your own hashtag when you’re: 1- Running a contest 2- Launching a new product 3- Have an event # One of the most convenient ways to stay on top of relevant conversation to your brand is to designate easily accessible columns within your social dashboard using #hashtags Take Advantage & #JoinTheConversation Conversation on Social Media never ends, you can join any relevant conversation to your brand by joining the hashtag – a technique known as hashtag hijacking @Amged
16. Hashtags – Performance on Social Platforms 06.3 # – Tweets with hashtags get x2 more engagement – When more than two hashtags are used, engagement drops by an average of 17 percent. – Use it on Twitter to categorize – Interactions are highest on Instagram posts with 11+ hashtags – Use it on Instagram: to build community, be unique/detailed – On Google+, your posts are given hashtags automatically based on their content – But you can still hand-craft them – Be specific (tags are only clickable in pin descriptions) – Tumblr: to categorize interests, can be specific and general (has a “track your tags” feature) – Facebook posts without a hashtag fare better than those with a hashtag. – if your audience is very business-minded, follow Twitter rules; if it is community- oriented, follow Pinterest/Instagram rules @Amged
17. “The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army.” – Jay Baer choosing the right time…
18. Choosing the right time Best practices for when to post on social media07 most people post during the workweek. The largest volume of posts typically falls on Thursdays and during work hours, with a peak at around lunch time. To maximize your reach, try posting in the evening and on the weekends, when people interact most with their social networks. @Amged
19. How Often Should Brands Post on Social Media? 08 |Pinterest Posts per day |Twitter |Facebook |Google Plus |Instagram |Linked In 5 3 2 1 3 2 This might vary depending on your business @Amged
20. Understanding the lingo09 Impressions | Times users saw your post. Clicks | All clicks within a post, including on the username, images and URLs. Engagement Rate | Total engagements divided by impressions. Follow Rate | Follows divided by impressions. @Amged
21. “You can’t tell where you are going, unless you know where you have been.” – Unknown Track everything…
22. Tracking everything 10 – Organic and Paid Keep track of your tweets performance with Twitter analytics, it’s now public for everyone Facebook Pages has the OpenGraph, use it, its free. Google Analytics have always been free, activate the social feature and get free reports EXTRA @Amged
23. Promoting of content 11 – If you’re not convinced… Internet ads surpassed newspaper ads spending In 2015 digital ad spend is expected to increase by 33.5% than 2014 Of Facebook’s ad revenue comes from mobile ads. $23.7B 75% higher engagement a Promoted Tweet get vs standard tweet 300% More engagement a sponsored mobile ad gets on Facebook 9.1x of US marketers were using Promoted Tweets in 2014. 80% @Amged
24. “Social media is not a rotisserie oven. Please don’t set it and forget it.” – Kevan Lee (Content crafter at Buffer) social automation…
25. Social Automation 12 – finding ways to work smarter – Save time & work load. – Work Smarter. – Get the internet to work for you. – Automate Scheduled posts – Automate Tracking tools – Automate Cross Sharing – Automate reports Why ? What ? How? Use available tools like to scheduleand cross share content To keep track of of followers or back up your tweets and posted images To build list, Mange multiple platforms, Schedule posts Never automate customer interactions!! @Amged
26. * BONUS * ** – Learn from the best When you’re getting started on social media, its okay to feel a bit confused. So reach out to experts and learn from their experience. The following are amazing tips from social media & marketing experts @Amged
27. “Start small. Work to increase engagement with those who have connected with you and figure out what types of content will get them to like, comment, and share.” – Gail Goodman (CEO, Constant Contact @Gail_Goodman )
28. “Quality trumps quantity. Pick one or two social media platforms, and devote yourself to learning about them and using them well.” – Joseph Cole (Content Writer Posted on Constant Contact Google+ Page)
29. “Reach out to your best customers first (and worry about finding new customers after you are established) and let their enthusiasm help catapult your sustained success. .” – Lynette Young (Founder of Purple Stripe Productions and author of Google+ for Small Businesses @LynetteRadio)
30. “Visuals are easier to relate to than text, so include images in your content that can be pinned to Pinterest and shared across other networks.” – Cynthia Sanchez (Founder, Oh So Pinteresting @OSPInteresting )
31. “Study your competition and watch where they participate in social dialog. Don’t reinvent the wheel.” – Mike Stelzner (Founder, Social Media Examiner @ Mike_Stelzner )
32. “Don’t talk to people, talk with them.” – Catherine Russell (Content Writer Posted on Constant Contact )
33. Thank You!** Amged Osman (@Amged) Twitter Sales Manager @ConnectAds Founder & Social Strategist @SMMENACOM source s:

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