5 tools to measure and manage your hashtags

tl;dr Tools to find, measure and manage hashtags for greater discovery results on social networks

A great post was made by @kevanlee  about hashtags and social media, weather we should use hashtags or not. researches showed that in most social networks posts with hashtags get’s higher engagement rates than normal posts. bottom line:

Yes, you should use hashtags

Although, randomly using hashtags could and will harm your business content, with that being said;  management hashtag tools to find and manage relevant hashtags to your content/subject became essential.

The question actually went from should we use hashtags or not to which hashtag should we use and how relevant these hashtags to our content,in addition to that, are these hashtags overused? will our content actually show in searches for these hashtags or will it be buried deep down?

Great few tools to find, measure  and manage your hashtags were mentioned on the same post. I listed below the tools I normally use, in the order I use them

Use RiteTag to check what are your chances with the hashtag, is it unused, overused, good or great

Let’s take #smm as an example hashtag compared to #SocialMediaMarketiung

#smm shows great discovery chances

#ssm hashtag

While #SocialMediaMarketing shows medium results


The search also said that posts with “2 hashtags” in one posts gets even higher engagement

At this stage I use Hashtagify.me to look for relevant and connected hashtags

Hashagfy.me advanced

Hashtagify.me shown related hashtags and their popularity. It will show you other hashtags to consider and will display visually how popular each hashtag is and how closely it correlates to the original.

Additional step is to check your loacal trending hashtags, that can be accomplished using Trendsmap

Trendmap USA

Trendmap shows you relevant hashtags that are being used in your geographic area. (the above map is taken for only parts in USA without specific targeting to a city or region.)

Finally , you normally would want to check  how your hashtag is used across multiple networks.  Tagboard provides results  shows  hashtagged posts from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Vine, and App.net


Each and every one of these tools can do a lot more than what i explained here, feel free to try them out and use them to your liking.

I’d love to hear you guys use these tools or if you use other ones please share them with us in comments.

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