Middle East Online Statistics 2014 by ASMR

middle east online statistics

On 18th of May 2014, Arab Social Media Report released their 2nd edition of White Paper report on The Middle East Online Statistics, covering almost every aspect of online activity in the region, including Social Media.

This white paper is produced by the Governance and Innovation Program at the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government in partnership with Bayt.com. It continues to examine Internet and mobile usage trends in the Arab region. The purpose of this series is to provide policy makers, business leaders and development organizations with updated information on the usage trends in an ever-changing ‘digital landscape’ in the
Arab World.


I’ve highlighted only a few numbers that I had found interesting

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Social Media can help you find a job – Infographic

Can Social Media help you find a job - Infographic

In this article I will not focus on “how social media can help you in your job search” or  “tips on how to improve your job search on social media”, there have been so many articles about that already, what we will focus on is the employer side, do they really use social media for screening their candidate? if so then how can Social Media help you find a job?

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What are Google Magazine ad unite


What are Google Magazine ad unites and how do they look like

In short; Magazine style ads are “text ads” that renders as a “display-like” ad formats.

Magazine style ads are reported as text ads in the Ad types report. When a text ad wins an auction for an image-only ad unit, Google renders the ad in the magazine style format. this will help the publisher make more revenue as adding text advertisers to the auction will increase CPCs and publisher revenues on display ads.

Magazine style ads are only applied to ad units that are opted in to “display ads only”, and not to ad units opted in to “text and display ads”.

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5 tools to measure and manage your hashtags

tools to measure and manage hashtags

A great post was made by @kevanlee  about hashtags and social media, weather we should use hashtags or not. researches showed that in most social networks posts with hashtags get’s higher engagement rates than normal posts. bottom line:

Yes, you should use hashtags

Although, randomly using hashtags could and will harm your business content, with that being said;  management hashtag tools to find and manage relevant hashtags to your content/subject became essential.

The question actually went from should we use hashtags or not to which hashtag should we use and how relevant these hashtags to our content,in addition to that, are these hashtags overused? will our content actually show in searches for these hashtags or will it be buried deep down?

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how to get your blog post noticed and shared 1000 times more – Infographic

Increase blog post shares

One-sheeter / Infographic will show you how to get your blog post noticed and shared 1000 times more than it usually get, increase engagement and reach with 12 easy to implement steps using almost free tool

1- Create a compiling titles.

2- Make Sharing Icons available on mobile and desktop.

3- Implement social media optimization (Facebook Open-graph, Twitter cards meta tags etc.).

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