Fix WordPress Admin Bar blocking the header

I’ve decided to create my very own WordPress theme, and while doing so, I had my admin bar disabled by default, then after almost finishing the theme, I decided to enable the WP Admin bar, that’s when I ran into the #wpadminbar issue, it was blocking my WP header, covering most part of my “Fixed” header.

When you finish your project; and at the very end, you usually are excited to release that new project as soon as possible, which made me wanted to find a quick fix for that issue, so I quickly ran to Google, and searched for “WordPress Admin Bar blocking the header” ; strangely, I couldn’t find any solution in the 1st 3 results (). That’s when I decided to find the solutions myself, and it’s actually very easy! and took only 2 minutes to do it!

just add this code to your template header/footer


var t = $("#wpadminbar").height();


and that’s it 🙂


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