Twitter Google Deal 2015: Free SEO for Brands

Twitter & Google 2015 Deal: Free SEO for Brands

It was reported that Twitter Google deal was announced, they agreed to work together once again. Twitter had agreed to provide Google with access to Firehose data, allowing Google to index statuses from Twitter. Previously in 2009, Google had used Twitter Firehose as the core of a new service called Google Real Time Search which was later killed couple of days after Twitter turned off The Firehose.

No one knows why the plug was pulled on the deal , maybe Twitter saw Google+ as a threat?

November 2014 Twitter’s CFO Anthony Noto suggested that Twitter would do more to generate search engine optimization traffic, free traffic from Google and other search engines. Twitter also made a deal with Flipboard and Yahoo! Japan. Continue reading “Twitter Google Deal 2015: Free SEO for Brands”