Ideal Social Media Image Sizes 2015 PSD Template

social media image sizes

Marketers always looking for fastest way to get things done. And since we mentioned previously the importance of photos in social media and how to  Create Images for Social Media and Blog.  Based on Kevan Lee article I’ve created a PSD template with Guidelines to follow so you can create ideal social media image sizes


The best sizes for sharing images on social media

In Kevan’s article he listed 6 ideal social media images sizes to be used Continue reading “Ideal Social Media Image Sizes 2015 PSD Template”

Create Images for Social Media and Blog

Create Images for Social Media and Blog


Visual content is an essential part getting more shares to your content, as I mentioned in my article how to get you blog to be shared 1000 times.

Studies also said that photos gets 5x more engagement on social media so its only logic that putting a lot of effort into images and photos is very important part of your social media strategies and in writing successful blog posts.

How to Create Images for Social Media and Blog using simple tools?

In this post i will explain how I create images for Social Media and my blog posts, some of these tools are advanced and some are really simple, but either will sure enough to help you get more shares for your content

First lets see the steps how to create images for social media and blogs (click any of the steps to go directly to it)

  1. Find Stock Images to share
  2. Add Branding / Text to your Social Media Images
  3. Download Ready-made PSD Social Media Images Sizes Templates
  4. Creating Infographics
  5. Free Infographic Templates
  6. Free Online Tools to Create Images for Social Media & Your Blog Post on the fly
  7. Various Essential Tool for Blogging with images
  8. Auto create og:image with WordPress Plugin

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The Many Faces of the Share Icon

Have you ever tried to share media on your phone, tablet, or online, and come across a different looking share icon image on every platform? Min Ming Lo of Pixelapse brings up that very point in a recent post.

It’s quite interesting, if you think about it. The idea of the “share” icon is very difficult to portray, which is why it takes so many forms. From a Y shape, to a picture of a milkshake, the look of this icon is clearly disagreed upon. It’s quite easy to depict “add” with a + or “back” with an arrow, but “share” requires a little creativity. Continue reading “The Many Faces of the Share Icon”