Ideal Social Media Image Sizes 2015 PSD Template

social media image sizes

Marketers always looking for fastest way to get things done. And since we mentioned previously the importance of photos in social media and how to  Create Images for Social Media and Blog.  Based on Kevan Lee article I’ve created a PSD template with Guidelines to follow so you can create ideal social media image sizes


The best sizes for sharing images on social media

In Kevan’s article he listed 6 ideal social media images sizes to be used Continue reading “Ideal Social Media Image Sizes 2015 PSD Template”

Create Images for Social Media and Blog

Create Images for Social Media and Blog


Visual content is an essential part getting more shares to your content, as I mentioned in my article how to get you blog to be shared 1000 times.

Studies also said that photos gets 5x more engagement on social media so its only logic that putting a lot of effort into images and photos is very important part of your social media strategies and in writing successful blog posts.

How to Create Images for Social Media and Blog using simple tools?

In this post i will explain how I create images for Social Media and my blog posts, some of these tools are advanced and some are really simple, but either will sure enough to help you get more shares for your content

First lets see the steps how to create images for social media and blogs (click any of the steps to go directly to it)

  1. Find Stock Images to share
  2. Add Branding / Text to your Social Media Images
  3. Download Ready-made PSD Social Media Images Sizes Templates
  4. Creating Infographics
  5. Free Infographic Templates
  6. Free Online Tools to Create Images for Social Media & Your Blog Post on the fly
  7. Various Essential Tool for Blogging with images
  8. Auto create og:image with WordPress Plugin

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Twitter, Facebook & YouTube Competition on Social Media Videos

Twitter, Facebook & YouTube Competition on Social Media Videos

Last year a lot of reports said mobile data is show huge growth in the next 4 years, Cisco Said The Middle East and Africa will have the strongest mobile data traffic growth of any region with a 72‑percent CAGR. This region will be followed by Central and Eastern Europe at 71 percent and Latin America at 59 percent. With the growth, Social networks are focusing on Videos, especially for on Smartphones. Mobile video on Smartphones drives high purchase intent as reported by eMarketer.

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Twitter’s Quality Filtering for iOS & Report to Police

report tweet to police

Twitter is becoming proactive recently when it comes to “reporting abuse”, it’s clear they are putting effort fighting spam or offensive/abusive language. Though, until last month that effort seemed not enough that Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo said in an internal memo obtained by The Verge

We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform and we’ve sucked at it for years. It’s no secret and the rest of the world talks about it every day.

Though, in efforts of improving users’ experience on Twitter, last year the company introduced Mute Users On Twitter. Then in December 2014 a blog post introduced improvement in block and an improved way to flag abusive Tweets, which was released only for a limited group of users. Continue reading “Twitter’s Quality Filtering for iOS & Report to Police”

Promoted Trends for Logged Out Users

promoted trends for logged out users

It’s clear now Twitter is working massively on improving experience for logged out users. A very important updated for Promoted Trends globally and for Middle East was rolled out today.

The Update

Promoted Trends can now be viewed on both search page and profile page for logged out users. This update is launched globally to 100% of users.

What does this mean for brands? Continue reading “Promoted Trends for Logged Out Users”

Tweets Activity (tweet analytics) on Desktop for MENA

The “View Tweets Activity” tweet analytics feature is finally on desktop view available now for The Middle East region, a long awaited feature.

2015-03-18 13_37_51-amged _ أمجد on Twitter_ _Smart move from @SouqKSA to change the #blackfriday to

The tweet analytics  is basically the small stats icon next to the favorite icon on each tweet, buy clicking the stats icon a new popup box should open and view all activities your tweet received. (see below) Continue reading “Tweets Activity (tweet analytics) on Desktop for MENA”

Twitter Google Deal 2015: Free SEO for Brands

Twitter & Google 2015 Deal: Free SEO for Brands

It was reported that Twitter Google deal was announced, they agreed to work together once again. Twitter had agreed to provide Google with access to Firehose data, allowing Google to index statuses from Twitter. Previously in 2009, Google had used Twitter Firehose as the core of a new service called Google Real Time Search which was later killed couple of days after Twitter turned off The Firehose.

No one knows why the plug was pulled on the deal , maybe Twitter saw Google+ as a threat?

November 2014 Twitter’s CFO Anthony Noto suggested that Twitter would do more to generate search engine optimization traffic, free traffic from Google and other search engines. Twitter also made a deal with Flipboard and Yahoo! Japan. Continue reading “Twitter Google Deal 2015: Free SEO for Brands”

Facebook Page Likes Count Decreased?

Facebook likes

Did you notice a decrease in your Facebook page likes total count?

Its probably because of Facebook’s new Like count update. Facebook will remove any inactive users from your page in effort of making page likes more meaningful. Claiming that this will help business have clear data of their followers gives businesses up-to-date insights on the people who actively follow their Page. Continue reading “Facebook Page Likes Count Decreased?”