Reasons why brands need bots

tl;dr Bots are growing pretty fast, big social networks are racing to offer brands a way to provide better customer service.

Bots are growing pretty fast, big social networks are racing to offer brands a way to provide better customer service using these bots, last year Facebook introduced their messenger bot and a month ago Twitter introduced their Direct Message bot. And since I recently linked my Twitter account to a bot, I decided to write why brands would need a bot.


1) It’s cool to be an early adopter

Right, so for me, a brand who adopts such cool technology will always have my respect, it feels good as a brand to be an early adopter of engaging and smart technologies, right?

2) Cutting Costs

Bots will help a startup cut costs in terms of having to hire so many social media community managers, as bots can provide answers to a lot of “known” questions, and even if your bot couldn’t answer your customers’ questions, it can still redirect them to a human if everything else fails!

3) Offers better support for customers

What bots can offer for your customers in terms of choices and variety is limitless, you can share your nearest showroom, or your FAQ, ask them to subscribe, send them to exact page on your website, get them to book a flight, share more information on your products. Limitless!

4) Ease of Access

offers ease of access to features from your website yet within the platform / social network, like email subscriptions or booking a test-drive/leads

5) More Insights

Any bot provider offers insights on how many messages are being sent, this will give you more understanding of how your customers interact with your brand on Direct Messages.

6) Better Personalized Marketing

As per policy, brands are allowed to send “messages shots” once a user interacts with their bot. This is simply just like Email Shots but on Direct Messages!

7) Welcome Message

Offer your customers a welcoming message the moment they open a chat box with your brand without involving a human.

You can chat with my bot here – try it, it’s fun!


Over to you

What do you think? why would you need a bot for your brand, let me know in the comments section

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