Premium Publishers proves more Effective for Brands

tl;dr A recent study by comScore shows that Premium Publishers are 3x More Effective in Driving Mid-Funnel Brand Lift Metrics Such as Favorability, Consideration and Intent to Recommend

The Study also examined the branding effectiveness of digital display and video ads appearing on Digital Content Next (DCN) member sites.

Premium Publishers drove higher Brand Lift, especially in mid-funnel

Main Key Findings of the study

  • Display and video ads on DCN premium publisher sites had an average of 67% higher brand lift than non-DCN publishers, confirming that premium sites deliver premium performance.
  • Premium publishers are more than 3x more effective in driving mid-funnel brand lift metrics, such as favorability, consideration and intent to recommend.
  • Premium publisher effectiveness is driven in part by higher viewability rates which include lower levels of invalid traffic.

Programmatic Advertising Magnifies the IVT Problem

In comScore’s recent Advertising Benchmarks for Q1 2016, they showed how Programmatic Advertising can lead to higher IVT ( Invalid Traffic and Viewability)

Video ads on Programmatic — where there is less visibility — have 4.5x more IVT rates than Direct Buys!

Advertising Benchmarks — comScore Q1 — US

Higher Viewability for Direct Buys vs Programmatic

Read the full infographic here

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