How to post to Instagram from PC

I’m a PC person, I use my PC a lot more than my mobile – however; I also use Instagram a lot for my car account E30AO. Many times I want to post pictures from my laptop, and that has always been a problem because Instagram doesn’t allow uploading photos from PC (except if you want to share it as Direct Message from Instagram official Windows 10 app).

That said, I had to find a way that actually works, that would allow me to post from my laptop.


The Solution

Instagram allows mobile web” to upload photos, so the solution is to tell Instagram that my browser is not a desktop, but rather a mobile. To achieve this I installed a little great extension from Chrome store called User-Agent Switcher (there are similar extensions for most of the top browsers, simply search the store).

What the User-Agent Switch does is basically (fake) switch my browser agent and tell Instagram (or any website for that matter) that my browser is a mobile browser. You can switch between many operating systems like Apple’s iOS or Android.

user-agent switch So, for example, if you select Android, and went back to Instagram page, refresh the page, you will now see the “Camera Button”

Upload your photo, write your caption, and share!

After you’re done, you can switch back to default User-Agent by clicking the “tick” icon.

That’s it, folks! Happy instagraming

Let me know in the comments section if you this was useful or if you have other ways to achieve this.

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