5 ways to use Twitter Analytics Top Tweet feature

In September 2015, twitter enabled self-serve ads in over than 200 countries – enabling everyone to access the advertising and analytics dashboard.

Last month, a new revamped dashboard for analytics was introduced which had lots of useful information

How to find your top tweet

One of these features was the Tweets Highlights > Top Tweet

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It basically showed your top viewed/engaged tweet

The feature gives a breakdown of Top tweets based on their type

  • Top Media Tweet
  • Top Card Tweet
  • Top Mention
  • Top Follower
  • Top Tweet (which we will be focusing on)


You can also find list of Top Tweets by going to the Tweets then select Top Tweet

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5 ways to use Top Tweet feature

Here’s how i would use my top tweets

  1. Reschedule it
  2. Recreate it
  3. Collect it
  4. Pin it
  5. Promote it



Reschedule Your Top Tweet

Since we now know that this is one of our best tweet – and with that it means that this tweet really performed well –  we should reschedule it to be tweeted over & over again

To reschedule your top tweet:

  1. Copy the content of the tweet
  2. Goto Ads.twitter.com
  3. Click on Creative at the top of the page
  4. Click on Tweets
  5. New Tweet
  6. Paste your copied content & upload a photo if you would like
  7. Click on Scheduling and reschedule your tweet for next month or whatever timing you need.

Here’s a video how to do it

Recreate Your Top Tweet

Again, knowing it’s a top performing tweet, you should try to create more of tweets like it – see which topic was it about and tweet more about!

If it was a photo, then make more photos like it, same for videos or any type of media.

Mine was a Poll, so i created more polls around the topic and got +1,700 votes


Collect Your Top Tweet

In previous posts I explained how to collect tweets on twitter using Twitter Custom Timeline – Collections

Collections is a tool that allow a user to add any public tweets to a custom timeline. Simply select your timeline source, options, and copy and paste the code in the HTML of your page, or simply share the link to the collection directly on Twitter. New collections are created only via TweetDeck or Twitter API

And since we can collect certain tweets – why not collect our TOP TWEET(s)! I mean they are worth collecting, at least to use them a s reference to what works on twitter for us.


Pin Your Top Tweet

In 2014 when Twitter introduced the new profiles, the update included the Pin Tweet feature. Pinned tweets are tweets pinned to the very top of your profile page, and it’s the 1st tweets that appears on your profile, which usually gets a lot of engagement.

Pinned tweets can easily pinned and changed (See screenshot below), So why not pin you most engaging tweet of the last month and change it every month with the most engaging / top tweet of the previous month.



Promote Your Top Tweet

Lastly, promoting your top tweet. Advertising best practice is to based on optimizing – it’s all about finding your top engaged tweet and emphasizing on it.

The Top Tweet feature makes it clear, simply and obvious for you that this is your BEST tweet of the month – Promoting it would allow you to reach a whole new level of audiences and engagement!

To promote your top tweet:

  1. While in the Analytics Dashboard simply click on View Tweet Activity
  2. Click on Promote your Tweet
  3. Then follow the wizard steps to promote your tweet

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NOTE: Users in Middle East & North Africa can not promote Arabic Content  unless they advertise on twitter via Connect Ads

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Over To You

Please use the comments section to share your ideas or feedback (always welcomed)!

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