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tl;dr Learn about Twitter Collections or Custom Timeline and How to create them and effectively use them.

Another hidden gem in Twitter is their Custom Timelines or Twitter Collections Timelines that allow a user to select number of tweets and put them in certain order that can be used as archive for later usage

What Is Collections

A collection timeline displays multiple Tweets curated by a Twitter user in their chosen display order. New collections are created only via TweetDeck or Twitter API

It’s a tool that allow a user to add any public tweets to a custom timeline. Simply select your timeline source, options, and copy and paste the code in the HTML of your page, or simply share the link to the collection directly on Twitter

How to Create Custom Timelines

Sign in to TweetDeck with your Twitter Account, then create new “Collection”, after creating it, you can drag and drop and public tweet to that Custom Twitter Collection. See example please

Twitter Collection on TweetDeck

How to Share Twitter Collection

You can either share a direct link to the collection by clicking the share button on TweetDeck

share twitter collection

Which will look like this

Share Twitter Collection on Websites

You can embed Twitter Collection Timeline via Twitter Widget Tools

Create a new embedded collection timeline by creating new widget and selecting the Collection of your choice


How Individuals and Brands can utilize Twitter Collections

Collections are perfect for archiving Tweets that you want to always be able to return to, for example, You can use Collections with

1- #TwitterChats – Twitter chats becoming very popular lately, brands use them to generate conversation/Q&A about certain topics, with Twitter Collections you can archive those tweets in single timeline.

2- Contests – Brands can always use it to archive the winners in their contests as a hall-of-fame

3- Events Scheduling – Having number of events during the Year? tweet your events and add them to your collection, pin that collection where everyone can always come back and check your events lineups

4- Workshops for Social Media Managers – Custom Twitter Collections are perfect if you have a workshop and want to show line of tweets of your choice to your audiences.

It’s endless – basically whenever you need to have set of tweets all together, you can use Twitter Collections Timelines

How does Twitter Collections Timeline look on Websites

Here’s a quick example i created for tweets i always use as reference

Now that you know what it is (or if you already knew), why not share with us how would/did you use it in the comments section?

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