How to use Periscope for Business – Periscope 101

tl;dr Periscope is the best way to share and watch live video broadcasts from all over the world on your mobile phone

Periscope is a live video streaming mobile application that was launched on March 26, 2015.

what is periscope

What is Periscope

Periscope is the best way to share and watch live video broadcasts from all over the world on your mobile phone

Periscope is owned by Twitter, being linked to Twitter makes it easy for your followers to quickly discover your periscope account. Mine has the same username as my Twitter both are @Amged

Periscope allow you to stream for as long as you like, just be sure to bring something entertaining to the table or educational to the people watching.

Periscope is sustainable (if you wish, your content won’t go away and can be recorded on your device)

Periscope Broadcasts will be saved for 24hrs on Periscope itself before it can removed by the system – your recording will still exist on your device.

Most importantly; Periscope Can be used PRIVATELY

periscope statistics

Periscope by numbers

As of Aug. 2015, Periscope has:

10,425,860 posts

10,000,000 users

102,570,603,860 impressions

40 years of watch time (350,000 hrs) every day

how to setup periscope

How to setup Periscope

Setup your profile

Add your domain (buy one if you haven’t already)

Add something about yourself

Give a hit on what you will be scoping

Use keywords

Use emoji

periscope web profiles
How to use periscope

How to use Periscope

You can broadcast Publicly or Privately on Periscope

  1. Tab your camera icon to open your camera
  2. enter your desired title
  3. Start broadcasting

Periscope Global Map

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When you tap on the ‘Global’ section, you will be able to explore live broadcasts on an interactive map. You’ll see the most recent broadcasts (with location shared) all over the world, and have your choice of where to travel next.

Every time you zoom to a new place on the map, Periscope will reload broadcasts from this region, including replays from the last 24 hours. Red dots are live broadcasts, and blue dots are replays.

Skip Ahead in Replays

how to skip on periscope

Being limitless in-terms of broadcasts time & duration – Periscope team made it available to skip through the replays

You can fast forward a segment by pressing down while watching the replay, and drag left and right. You can even drag up and down to change the seek speed.

3D Touch Shortcuts (new iOS)

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Periscope also added the new iOS feature to quickly take actions on Periscope from the App Icon

  • Search People
  • Teleport — Takes you someplace random in the world
  • Broadcast Mutuals  – to start private broadcast
  • Broadcast – To quickly start broadcasting

Starting your 1st periscope

Starting your 1st periscope


Click the camera

Fill the title (add your website, hint about what you’re broadcasting, and where to see recording).

Share on twitter.

how to DM on Periscope (private broad cast)

How to DM on Periscope (private broadcast)

  • Start a Scope like normal
  • Select Private
  • Select users you want to scope with
  • They will get notified and if they miss it they will be sent the recording

See Live Video of how to do it here

Skyscanner periscope #24hperiscope

How to Use Periscope for Business (Case study from @SkyScanner – #24hperiscope)


before the broadcasting with 1-3 days prior they:

Announce date and time of the broadcast and encourage users to retweet

Remind users to follow your brand on periscope

Build excitement by inviting users to engage and participate during the broadcast

Broadcast – day of broadcast

Remind users to tune in on the day of the broadcast

Be sure to enable sharing on twitter before beginning the broadcast by selecting the twitter button

Create an interactive experience for viewers and encourage them to share the broadcast.

Tell people how to join the live broadcast

Let your influencers speak about it too

Finally, Extend – 1-7 days after

Feature screenshots and recaps of the broadcast in promoted engagement tweets

Further maximize reach by saving the broadcast to use as a video asset

Use the video asset in promoted video tweets to engage users who missed the live broadcast

Reengage users by extending content with promoted video tweets and ask for reactions or favorite moments from your audience

Thank everyone joined

Recap with an engaging Video and Promote it on Twitter Promoted Video Tweet

How to Execute Periscope Campaign on Twitter

Here’s a cheat-sheet by Twitter to promoting your periscope on Twitter

Start promoting your videos on twitter now
Periscope pro tips

Periscope Pro Tips

Automation via Twitter Dashboard

Use twitter dashboard to schedule your announcement tweet and tweet on the day of the broadcast

Automation via

Use to auto tweet when you go live on #Periscope

It will also auto save your broadcasts


Automation via #IFTTT

Use #IFTTT to allow you to auto remind your followers prior to the broadcast with 15 minutes.


Use #IFTTT to allow you to auto post your periscope link

iftt-fb(Click the images to go to ifttt recipe)

Over to you

This should be it from my side – please share your ideas or experience with Periscope, let me know if anything i have missed or simply say hi in the comments section below 🙂

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